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Why become a partner?

Have you given donations to charities before but you are unsure of how the monies are being used?

Or have you supported a child in a community but you never get to communicate with that child?

Is your donation going towards a worthwhile cause?

At Gratitude in Giving Foundation, we teach the orphans on how to become successful entrepreneurs so they can create an income for themselves and fund the deficit in their orphanages.

During our visits to the orphanage, we realise the children have very little….such as clothing, food, clean water, warm blankets, pillows or the basic necessities that most of us take for granted.But there is one thing in common among all those children, they are happy and grateful for all the little they have.

Being in the developed or developing countries, we are stricken with the addiction of consumption. We always want more of everything and spend most of our lives chasing for the next thing that we hope to satisfy our desires and our need to consume…. And yet we take it for granted for all the things we already have.

However, when you see these children’s perspective of life, you will start to look at your own life through their lens and realise how fortunate you are and the abundance that life brings you.

If you have children, imagine what kind of impact it would have on their lives if they started living their life appreciating everything they got because they can see how other children can enjoy the simplicity of life without having much of anything.

Some of these children are born with AIDS and they know they do not have long to live. But they live life everyday knowing it’s a gift and they live it to the fullest. They understand it’s not how long you live, it’s how you live.

In our exclusive membership site, we are recreating that experience we felt when we saw these kids and you can be part of it without giving much time and money to make the travels.

As we want to make it affordable for everyone to become a partner, it will only take $2 a month to become a partner. What can you buy for $2.00 these days? Not much! A small Starbucks and a slice of cake, perhaps? But $2 will clothe, feed and shelter a child for a day.

For such a small sum of money, you are giving another human being a chance in life, an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

So click on the button below to join us as partners NOW.

Become a financial partner for only $2 per month.

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Everyday, I carry my brother on my back for 5 hours a day to attend school so that one day our children do not have to…

Your contribution will make my efforts not in vain…

Unknown Orphan Africa

Features of our membership site

  • Connecting with others

    Be connected to someone on the other side of the world

  • Comment on anything you see or do

    Reply to any message or videos to create a quick conversation thread on that subject. Let the children know what you think of their creation!

  • Receive latest updates and activities from your favorite orphanage

    Get immediate updates on what’s new in the orphanage you support

  • Ability to contribute to specific projects

    You hear about the only bus at the orphanage has broken down and you want to contribute to its repair, now you can choose to donate something towards just that project.

  • Safe environment for children

    We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment for the children to learn from us and also from it’s members.

  • Be a mentor

    Do you have skills that are useful to a children’s upbringing? Be their mentor and model so they can learn from you!

Start the day with gratitude and watch your life change..

Blair Singer Founder of Gratitude In Giving

With gratitude, you begin to see your life with a different perspective….a life of abundance!

Trevi Lim Founder of Gratitude in Giving

Become a financial partner for only $2 per month.

If you wish to contribute at a higher amount, please click here

Here’s what the children have to say:

Erwin, Joyland Global Philippines I am so grateful for all the help that I got from Gratitude in Giving Foundation. They gave me a chance to become somebody in this world
Josiah, Hope Orphanage Tanzania With your contribution, I can now feed my brother and sisters and for once, they are full…
Mary, Joyland Global Philippines It’s amazing that I can now meet up with children from other parts of the world. They have been really kind to me as they send me their toys to share with me
Zakarash, Hope Orphanage Tanzania I am so grateful to have mentors from United States to guide me along the way.

If you wish to contribute at a higher amount, please click here